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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 30, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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and 930. if you missed part of the show you can catchúú÷÷   . >> the orioles wound up losing to cleveland 5-3. it's sunday, another edition of the dugout. the number one pick from last year. visit with the orioles catcher and brian, starts today as the orioles conclude a four-game series against the indians. the os extra pregame coming up next on masn.   from the land of downtown baltimore, welcome to an afternoon of orioles baseball. the orioles at cleveland
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indians, game 4 of the series and able to take 2 of 3 by scores of 5-4, 5-3, the orioles beat cleveland friday night. the extra team brought to you by at&t, your world delivered. brian support to the mound. he's 2-2, earned round average of 6.46 and acquired for boston in the victor martinez trade. masters with an earned run average of 4.7. tom davis with rick dempsey and a beautiful bright sunshiny afternoon in baltimore. the orioles try to go for the 4- game series with the cleveland indians. watching the game a bit. chris pitching and chad mullen took it, taking his hand and going like this and out there on the mound. very -- demon straightive in his effort to try to throw the ball low. tell us about catching it and what that is like and being that vocal behind the plate. >> tom what, he was trying to do is communicate with the pitcher on every pitch, something that you have to do, especially when you have a young pecking staff like the
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orioles have. you have to constantly remind them what you want them to do until they get capable of doing it themselves. you thought that mueller was back there trying to remind the piper every single pitch to stay in the zone and every thing he saw, whether it was move the glove to the right or left or try to keep the ball down, he communicated with him. that is the number one key working with the staff and being successful on the field and mueller's a veteran guy, knows what he's talking about and trying to help him as much as possible. you will see a lot of that through the course of the game. >> the communications from behind the plate and visit the pitcher. >> sometimes when you want to say something, you don't want the hitter to hear, you have to go out there and say something to him on the mound. if it's something like, you know, keeping the ball down, you can do that with the head whole he's not watching you or move the ball to the outside or inside and some thing like. that you have to use signals. >> and for more on today's game, let's go out to the -- in
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front of the dugout with amber. >> reporter: tomorrow, the orioles say goodbye to the month of august and who what they want to say is good riddance. it's been a tough month and since that the orioles have played competitive baseball and have just a 9-19 record to show for it. the bad news, september is not going to be easier. the orioles have the toughest schedule in baseball and will play more contenders and more teams than anyone else in the league and today, dave trembley told reporters it was going to test his young team. >> i think the incentive is you're going to play the best. it's a measuring stick for where you're at and should bring out the best in our players. >> lamar is very small when you're playing the good teams and can't afford to let down at any time and you have to hang
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in there and capitalize on the other team's mistakes. for our flayers, i think it's a test. a test to see where they're at. you want to be the best, you play the best and have atlanta been many teams we played in the play-off spot, an interesting road for all of us. key played a lot of close game games and have to find a way to get over it and breakthrough. >> time for the young team to dig deep, 31 games remaining in the season and the orioles will face 22 teams or 22 games, rather, up 500. the teams above 500age, including new york -- .500 average, including new york, texas, and tampa bay. those are the toronto and cleveland series, below .500.
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the orioles will play the yankees in two series and two series against the red sox and this is really an opportunity for the young orioles to gain confidence. >> thank you, amber. amber will be along during the game and our post game show. let's look at the cleveland indians -- indians lineup. matt laporta is 7-flan than in the series and acquired in the deal for cc sabathia and how about andy. two home runs and three games, both virtually game winners for the indians. >> and marte is on the hot streak with a 10-game hitting streak and has two home runs against the oriole, both go for game-winning home runs and hitting 9ing the in the lineup yesterday, doing a trillion job with the 17 rbis during that stretch. you see the hanging slider right now, left one in there for him last night and second night in a row and inside the
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foul pole and does it again for the indians and otherwise the orioles will be on the three- game winning streak. >> matt owner's dis-- matt weiner, how about brian roberts, rick? the first oriole team getting back to 1954. the 10 doubles, five homers and five in one month. you know, brian roberts struggled in what we called struggling the first half of the season. and it might seem likele that would have been a great batting average for me. for roberts, it's subpar and has turned it on since the all- star break. the double, the home runs and unbelievable five home runs the last road trip and amazeing in six games and brian roberts is starting to do it all and he's actually put them on his back and carrying the ball club right now. the little guy the leadoff hitter. >> when we come back, it will be another edition of our sunday feature dempsey's dugout. @ hey i'm worried about mrs. lowenberg next door.
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 >> magsen presents maximum access fantasy baseball. go to a chance of weekly prices and an opportunity to have lunch. register for agree and use a virtual $100 million salary cap for the baseball roster. fans can play on their owner form their own legs and invite friends. play today. how about picking matt wiener as a part of your team, doing the stretching and it's a great day, a beautiful gay day for a ball game in baltimore's camden yard. the orioles get ready to face cleveland. tom davis with rick dempsey. as always sunday, sunday. >> another edition of dempsey's dugout. what do you you have? >> the future of the orioles lays in the pitching staff.
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joining me is the newest member to the rotation, brian madison. we sat around and talked baseball and how quick his future changed this year. >> hi, i'm rick dempsey. welcome to dempsey's dugout and joining me as soon as he can get here, brian madis, the newest edition to the orioles rotation and i have to laugh, brian. we had you and in sinclair, interviewing you earlier in the season and i don't think you truly believed be he i -- when i told you you could pipe this year at the major league level. >> i wanted to believe you, rick. i couldn't see it happening. i can't believe i have been give then opportunity. i am heap to be here now. be able to give me the chance to come here and meek starts. >> you know we had a good start and pitched well. you deserved and got a chance to pitch at double-a ball. >> it was not too big of a jump
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for me. still the same game like the jump from double a to here in the big leagues. still the same game and a matter of me just being able to throw all 4 pitches for strikes and mix it up and stay consistent and on the workout routine and have fun. >> one of the things you haven't had to adjust to is losing two games in a row. you did that at the major league level. was that hard? >> go any time you lose games is not easy. and coming off the win in detroit, i feel good going into toronto and i thought hi good stuff. i didn't pipe my game. >> that is something you commented before. you haven't totally felt like yourself yet so for this season. what is the difference? it's tough battling nerves, playing in front of 40,000 fans screaming and where willing playing against the best-of-the- best. it's tough to focus in and do what i need to do to pitch my
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game. >> you talked about -- [ indiscernible ] and your 4- teamer. show me the way that you like to hold your 2-seamer. >> i hold it here. a lot of guys like to throw the 2-seamer here and seem like they get more movement. for me, i don't feel i have a spot to put my thumb. i like to bring it down to get the thumb there. >> you keep your thumb on the outside of your 2-seamer? >> yes, i keep it there. >> what is the difference between that and your 4-seamer? >> it's not different. just moving it here. >> huh. >> i'll get a cut sometimes on the 4-seamer and on the 2- seemer, i will -- seamer, i will get sink down and away. >> one of the scouting reports on you before you got to the major leagues out of spring training was how much command you had of your offspeed pitches. how do you hold your curve ball, the difference of your slider and changeup and what do you do with your body rig them makes them effect sniff. >> i am glad you asked.
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i feel like speed is something i haven't had since i got here. trying to do too much. the curveball is simpleel. like that and right there. most important for me is to make sure that i get out in front on it. and when i get from front, i notice i have been trying to do to much, choke yet off and snap it off. in reality, i have to throw my own pitch. >> thank you for joining me on dempsey's dugout. it's interesting. good luck. i hope you get on track. i am anxious to see what you look like when you're comfortable. >> i can't wait to get out there on the mound on sunday. >> andy to me -- show me. >> all righty. >> another edition of dempsey's dugout. we learn something when he talks to the orioles players. >> yeah. >> when we come back, jim hunt is going to have a special guest. that story comes up next when we continue os extra pregame, brought to you by at&t on masn. ♪
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 >> it's the finale of a fou- game series against the cleveland indians and a special day here at the ball park joined by mark pappiere whose son dillon is here and has a rare disease that i know you're trying to get the awareness out. the orioles and brian roberts are helping you. tell us what you're up against and what anyone watching can do to help? >> first i would like to thank the orioles for being gracious enough to invite us here to celebrate dillan's 7th birthday. unfortunately, he has a disease called faceo tick type c, a rare neurological disease and most kids don't make it to age 7. usual lit life expectancy between 5 or 8 and 9 years old. neman tick is a neurological disease almost like achilles with alzheimer and -- like alzheimer's. because it's rare, the government doesn't fund the research. all the funding is generated by
1:17 pm
organizations like the orioles and private charities who help raise money so that one day we can find a cure for dillan and we have actually raised almost a quarter of a million of of thanks to people like the orioles and the foundation and other groups. so, we're thrilled to be here and hopefully the word will get out and we'll get funding and find a cure for kids like dillan. >> if there is anything that any of us can do to want to get involved or want to help even if it's in a small way, how do we contact your organization and what can we do to help you? >> dillan has a website www.dillan' and the national neman pick disease foundation has a website. and they are great with corresponding with people who want to get involved and anyone who wants to donate. contact any of the two websites and it will be greatly appreciated. >> i think it's interesting that last night it was
1:18 pm
absolutely miserable here with the rain and the thunder. >> we lost it. >> and dillan shows up today and it's a perfect day and sunshine. i think there is something to it. >> it's a positive sign. it is. >> the best of luck with your cause and anything we can do to help, let us know and we'll let the audience know. the orioles fans in this community, what we learn side they do care. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much. >> that is mark pappiere. dillan's day at the ballpark. let's rejoin tom and ray. >> thanks, jim. and join the fight against the neiman pick type c disease in honor of dillan. the donations may be mailed to nntdf care of darrell pappiere, 9741 royal crest circle, frederick melon, 21704. check it out on the web as dillan' a terrific cause there. welcome back, we're with chris user who is the program manager for returning veterans to the v.a.
1:19 pm
hospital. you got a lot of veterans here today, right? >> yes, we do. we have 2100 veterans and their family members who served in iraq and afghanistan. so, we're pleased to be out here and honoring them for their service and sacrifice. >> tell us about your role. what do you do? >> i'm the program manager at the v.a. in baltimore and i have a team of individuals, nurse case managers, social work managers, mental health providers and we here to make sure the veterans get information about the types of services available to them and to help case management and to make sure they get through the medical system, some of our young soldiers have been seriously wounded and the parents need help making sure they get all the benefits and services they're entitled to. >> is there a number that we have of veterans that are coming back from the war that have been injured and have been wounded in action? >> we do have quite a number here in the maryland v.a. healthcare system. we have about 7200 veterans we have enrolled currently and get 2,000 new veterans every year
1:20 pm
and, of course, out of that,. >> the number of severely injured folks, people who lost life, limbs in the conflict. >> how many, you got more than 2,000 people? >> a little more than 2100 veterans and their family are out here today. so, we're excited that they would come out to the camden yards with us and we get a chance to honor them every day and thank them for their service. this is our way of bringing them out to show them the citizens of maryland and baltimore and the folks to honor and thank them for their service as well. >> do you ever get the community together, you know, and raising funds for this? do you need that sort of thing to grow long with it? >> we don't do fund raising. the budget comes out of the national office in d.c. >> right. >> and every year, this is the third annual welcome-home event where we get the community organizations together to give information about the serves and benefits offered, not only at the v.a. but the state and other community organizations that help veterans. >> we appreciate you takes the
1:21 pm
time to deal with us and let us know what you're doing and thankful you got a lot of time out here. >> thank you very much for having us on set today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> chris, the program manager for the returning veterans at the v.a. here in baltimore. we'll be back with more as we continue our coverage of the orioles as they get ready to face the indians and our scouting report on today's starters and more when we continue, os extra brought to you by at&t, your world delivered here on masn. 
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 >> o's pregame brought to you  by -- corona. let's look at the top five plays for the orioles, number 5, melvin mora makes a great play down the third base line and the base hit to end the 6th inning in minnesota earlier this week. -- moving to play number 4 wednesday, jason lines a broken- bat single off the ball of jim
1:24 pm
johnson and charges and bare hands it. in the bottom half of the 9th inning. number three on tuesday, makes a sensational running catch in center field to retire carlos gomez in the bottom half of the second inning and on number two, the terrific catch. and matt laporta in the 8th inning. great defensive plays by the orioles and number one occurred last night and missed five games with back spasms. adam jones above the center field guam and -- wall and for a home run and great defense by the orioles, a great job of finding the plays by jim hunter jr. who is doing a great job put that package together. the top 5 plays for the orioles this week. time for a look at the starting pipers and begin with brian madis and the orioles, rick. >> brian has to getnast oat north balls, the right-hand hitters who have had success against him. hitting at a .324 pace against
1:25 pm
brian so far. left-handers are having trouble. they're hit ago .176. you have to get better against the right-handers. he hasn't felt himself yet. we talked yesterday about the way he has felt since he's been up here after going 7-0 at double-a ball and said we haven't seen the real brian maddis. guaranteed today it was going to be different. hope it's in the positive column. >> justin was acquired from boston and victor martinez. >> again, you have to talk about how well he pitched against right-handers and left- handers. bren on the south paws. this guy has had a lot of trouble against southpaw here and get at a .324 pace. the right-handers are not doing good, only on .206. the lineup as you get and he's getting down and he's been up and down doubt so far this year and the four game -- duty this year and so far, the first game against cleveland one earned run. the second start, six earned run. not too good. the third outing, no earned runs at all, very good and the fourth outing has been four
1:26 pm
earned runs. i don't know if he followed the sequence. today is not supposed to be a good day but it's an afternoon game. you know, the orioles are turning things around in the daytime. >> rick dempsey's key to the game. >> the key to the game is make it a tough day for andy mar day. the 10 -- andy martte. the two-gym-wing home runs has to stop right there, tom. >> how about the player to watch? >> my player to watch is adam jones, such a good player in day games. hit .375 so far this year and i think it's going to be a good day. he's been back one day, the second day back and i think he's ready for two and three hits. i got a call, another home run and i think he's going get one. >> you have been lucky lately. >> i have been lucky with the home run ball. >> and now look, cleveland traded cc sabathia a few years ago and clive lee the past year and tough on this team getting rid of the cy young award winners. >> oh, my gosh, i would love to have the two guys in our stuff and ace, the number two guy
1:27 pm
like that on our staff with all of our young guys. we would be a dynasty tough to beat for awhile. >> felix pa is in left field today in the starting lineup and seems like he has gotten his stroke down the last month. >> he has. i am worried today whether or not that kind of cramp or pulled hamstring he had yesterday might limit them. he's a kid that wants to be out there applying aught the time. you have to ad-- playing there all the time. offensively, he is really coming on strong and his swing is getting pure. the guys in minor league .300 hitter and i think he's bringing it to the big league now. >> does he have more power than you thought? >> reporter: think everyone is surprised by the fact that once he gets ahead of the bat, this guy has good juice, especially here at camden yards. >> no doubt about it. ever since the trade of aubrey huff is getting more playing time. >> he has and that sabbatical he took where he lost his job early on in the season, kind of got a regular playing time and is coming on strong offensivively. >> that is wrapping up things here from our vantage point.
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jim hunter, buck martinez stand by with the play by play. the orioles-indians with a four- game series. coming up next on masn. (scott) rogaine®?
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 it is orioles baseball masn. a great sunday afternoon in camden yard. baltimore orioles and cleveland indians here, the finale of the four game series. i am jim hunter. we could not have better weather conditions. the orioles try to win a four- game series split. over the past two weeks, the orioles pitching has become consistent. game in and game out, giving the chance to win. here is a look over the last 11 games. jeremy guthrie and jason berken 2-0, david hernandez, 0-1, and
1:32 pm
buck martinez, brian matusz on the found? >> yes. his arm got a little early. he like to get a little more depth on the breaking ball. he has had trouble with right- handed hitters, a .402 average. e.r.a. way out of whack compared to the minor leeks, but i think brian that is the finger on what the problem is. so, today it is the finale of the four-game series, as the orioles get ready to take on the indians. line-ups and first pitch are next. wandering around the lobby, yammering about fios tv, internet and phone
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 >> jim: look at that, how beautiful is that, flying right over orioles park in camden yard on this gorgeous sunday afternoon. starting lineup for the indians on the screen. now it is time for the scan report for brian matusz.
1:36 pm
>> buck: his arm angle needs to be a little higher. he was down, really kind of swinging the ball, and right- handers giving him all sorts of problems which could be a result of the lower arm angle. >> jim: well, brian matusz making his 6th major league start. buck mentioned higher than he is accustomed to, 6.46. and the first pitch is in there and we are under way. and grady sizemore, the lead off hitter for the tribe. beautiful day. 83 degrees, slight wind at 10- mile per hour, out of the west. and sizemore hits a high pop down the left field line. foul ground, has it for the out. one down in the indians first inning. matusz gets an out. >> buck: yes, a bright day. they have to help one another
1:37 pm
on locating the ball. ta had long run, that is good news. >> jim: one batter, jamey carroll who came off the bench last night and had a pinch hit in the inning, gave the indians a big insurance run. and matusz comes at him. there is a strike. brian coming off a no decision in his last start. he worked tuesday in minnesota at the metro dome, really lashed through a five-inning game. >> buck: he was really out of whack in his administrativery. fell behind often. couldn't through a good breaking ball. optimistic this will be a different story for him today.
1:38 pm
>> jim: the indians, like the orioles is are a team in transition. one of the thing like having carroll, he is a veteran, plays several positions and understand it is role coming off the bench. >> buck: he really helps with eric wedge and his versatility, that he can play several different positions. you can use him as a utility player. he had a fractured hand and knocked him out of playing time, but he understands, put the ball in play and knocked a run in for the indians late in the game. >> jim: and skipper there, easy
1:39 pm
play for marvin love, 25, and joylynn smith, 17 and he has it for the out. nick markakis. really played well of late. only one roar in error in the last six game the. nick markakis is he could in the american league. and melvin mora has been playing well all year long defensively at 3rd base. >> buck: so matusz gets the first two outs trying to get through the difficult first inning. and here is asdrubal cabrera, who fouls it straight back. 
1:40 pm
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 >> jim: back here at oriole
1:42 pm
park. 3-up and 3-down. scouting report, brian matusz, trying to figure out where he is best suited, in the bullpen or starter. >> buck: he used the change up very well in the last start. >> jim: and there is matt laporta, who reached up for the outs. >> buck: and justin masterson traded from boston to cleveland july 31st, the trade including victor martinez going to the red sox. most people think if he is
1:43 pm
going to be a starter, he has to use his change-up for frequently. you can see the size of him. he is the physical make-up to withstand the rigors of starting. >> jim: and he takes low, 1-0. >> buck: pa's current hitting streak four straight games. >> jim: swung out on a high, fly ball, left center field. sunglasses down for grady sizemore. sean justin masterson has two quick outs in the bottom of the first. >> buck: good to have him in the line up. >> jim: second player, adam jones drives an extra base hit from asdrubal cabrera and makes a fine throw to the plate. hen shin-soo choo with a home run. a couple of his former teammate in the mariner's system. he robbed them last night. cabrera and choo both coming up in the seattle system, just
1:44 pm
like adam jones. 2 down, bases empty, and there is ball one, low. adam took an 0-3 in his return to the line-up last friday night. he was five game with the spit back with result of the back spasms he suffered during the game last sunday? chicago. and there is a strike. it has been a tough month of august, but, maybe the rest will invigorate the swing and he will find the stroke down the stretch. orioles playing their 131st game. >> buck: if everyone left after this game, everybody would love to finish up on a high note, bring some momentum into the off-season. >> jim: manager dave trembley on the bench with rick kranitz, and the pitch taken low. >> buck: but kranitz has really
1:45 pm
had his work this year with all the pitchers coming through. >> jim: but he knows this group has talent, and if they have talent, you can work with them. and a 2-out work. orioles have a base runner in 1st. take a look at the cleveland defense. matt laporta made a terrific play, going to south territory. sizemore and choo in the outfield. cabrera terrific. and wyatt toregas makes his second starlet in the series. >> buck: so that gets nick markakis up with a man on. jones draws a throw and he is back in standing. >> buck: just 11 ribbons shy of
1:46 pm
the 100 rbi plateau. something every hitter wants to say. >> jim: jones was going to go and he just did get back. >> buck: i tell you what, that is a pretty quick move. this umpire and crew with bob davison at 3rd. they better be careful. >> jim: you can see say damn had his momentum going toward 2nd base, didn't move his feet, allowed him to push back and dive into 1st. nick markakis awaiting a pitch from justin masterson. bob davidson t umpire on 3rd, nickname balking bob davidson, the most to call a balk. >> buck: and there, looking as justin masterson. >> jim: and nick markakis take a strike out, 1. nick has sat
1:47 pm
in two straight games, and amazingly consistent season for markakis. >> buck: here is the 0-1, a little outside. >> buck: justin masterson throws a lot of sinking fastballs. they move, he will throw a hard change up and one pitch he was really trying to develop. the last pitch to markakis but he hasn't been able to develop a consistent release point with it. >> jim: popped out of the glove of toregas, and just behind his feet, so 1-2. adam has only 4 steels on the year. not really attempted systems the orioles expected this year. as you remember in the
1:48 pm
training, both he and nick markakis talked quite a bit about adding that aspect to the game, stealing bases. >> buck: masterson is really quick. he has a short arm stroke, and moves quickly with his feet. >> jim: so adam getting good lead off 1st base. being held there by andy marte. >> buck: jones picks it up there, stays at 2nd base. >> jim: that will be a stolen base for adam jones' 5th. >> buck: a lot of movement on justin masterson's fastball. you can see the ball gets away from the catcher and turns second. watch the movement. wyatt toregas never really had a chance. the ball was in the batter's box, trying to bat back half
1:49 pm
hand it and count come up with it. >> jim: 2-2, markakis. >> buck: and justin masterson has been a strike-out pitcher in his career. he spent a majority of his time so far in the big leagues working out of the boston bullpen. this is his 73rd major league game, but only his 20th major league start. >> buck: yes, dicegay went down with an injury early in the season when he started with him. >> jim: 3-2 on markakis, 2 down, jones at 27nd. masterson has it. and that ends the inning. birds get a walk. and that ends the inning. we will be right back on this gorgeous day. - you play to win the game. - then you?
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♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.  >> jim: and this youngster his glove. he had ready. he want as foul ball. come on, guys. give it to me. you can see that clean up, and
1:52 pm
matusz misses outside. 314 home runs and 70 rbi's. becoming one to have better complete players in the american league. nice looking curve ball there. 1-1. >> buck: we have seen two good breaking balls from matusz. he struck out the slider, good curve ball. >> jim: he has right there. has it for the out, 1 down. >> buck: and dick caught up with matusz and asked him what his key was to his success. >> buck: i am successful when i can locate around the outside of the plate. when i know in the bullpen session before the game, when i am really hitting that spot, i know it will be a good day. i know i can come back in whenever i want, mix it up with a change up, flat or a curve ball. >> buck: oftentimes a pitcher is really strong because the glove pulls him to that side of
1:53 pm
the plate and he can really deliver. the last piece of the puzzle will be dominance to the arm side of the plate, the 1st base side, that is where matusz says the 2-seam ball becomes an important one. he is always very confident. he can go inside any time he wants. change up. >> buck: why is it he is stronger from the opposite side than the arm he is throwing the ball with? because he has stronger balance than the side he is throwing the glove with. he has a wide assortment. he can bury that inside with a little more velocity. the curve ball emphasizes the finger on the long seam and that gets the top spin, so it gets a bigger break. the slider throws more like a football with a spiraling action, a little harder than a
1:54 pm
curve. the 4 seam change up gibb, looks for like a 4 seam fastball. >> jim: throwing the slider and the curve ball. i guess most pitchers decide which one works better and eliminate the better. he uses both. >> buck: i never understood why one wouldn't compliment the other. great pitchers throw all four. matusz has the right approach. throw the curve ball and throw it with a lot more depth. i don't buy the old, well, if i don't throw a curve ball, i can't master a slider. i think it is a short-cut and excuse. >> jim: well, matusz is learning -- 1-1 the count on the indians, left fielder -- about utilizeing the pitches in different sequences and trying not to show too much too early. he felt the need to show what he had -- or he felt he needed to throw those pitches and the
1:55 pm
hitters then saw everything he had. now he is being more judicious with what he uses. >> buck: 10-game hitting streak for matt laporta. >> jim: right there is luke scott. go to the base unassisted and another 3-up, 3 -down inning. mid-2nd at camden yard. no score. hey i'm worried about mrs. lowenberg next door.
1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
 >> jim: nolan reimold leads in the second. >> buck: got a chance to meet his baseball hero, little
1:58 pm
dylan, great family -- he has an unusual fan favorite. he loves umpires. aaron laffey. >> jim: and nolan reimold pops a foul back in the plate. reimold retired, one down. >> buck: i wish i had a chance, tim and the crew not in the building, but he love it is umpires. got a chance to take the line- up cards down to the many umpires in spring training. bob davison would have had a big fan if he could have met young dylan today. >> jim: look here, moved the 3rd baseman to the opposite side of the shortstop to keep asdrubal cabrera on the shortstop side of the bag. >> buck: yes. they will do that from time to time thinking the shortstop is in his most normal position
1:59 pm
right here. the 3rd baseman jhonny peralta go out there. >> jim: actually, it is jamey carroll playing today. >> buck: yes, jamey also has played a lot of 2nd base himself. gets it to 1st right there. 2 down in the 2nd inning. don't forget t orioles begin a 3-game series against the birds, the final chapter this season at orioles park. great seats, but going fast. 2-down in the orioles 2nd here is matt wieters,


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